Friday, 19 May 2017

More About Garden Centre Shopping UK including Outdoor Sets on Social Media

  Some people won't have heard of us, and that's ok as we're looking to grow into the garden furniture space and become a real household name. During this quest we've been posting a lot on various websites and social media profiles to try and raise the profile of our services in outdoor furniture etc.
There are some examples below, but remember to email us at for more info or call 01455 274748.

We found an interesting recommendation for us in relation to our garden furniture service on the Great Yarmouth Lifeboat website here.

You can find great photos of outdoor sets on our Instagram account, simply search for the hashtag you're interested in there!

Our garden furniture range is unsurpassed by anyone in the UK, as explained in that article.

We've got amazing amounts of sofas, benches, dining sets and bistro sets available on our shopping website here: